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Landscaping begins with a dream. A dream you have of beautiful gardens, majestic trees and changing colors:  fabric that will tie together all the exterior elements of your property. It is an investment that will add value to your property while adding beauty at the same time.   If you want a professional landscape company that protects you and your investment, is reputable, and is dedicated to customer satisfaction, your logical choice is Jack Kelly Landscaping.

Whether creating a new landscape or re-designing an existing one, we take into consideration your lifestyle and the site conditions to create an individually-suited landscape. By combining fast-growing trees and shrubs with brick walks and retaining walls you can see a finished look within the first year. Taking into account the ultimate size of plants, we create a detailed, scaled plan that will help place the your plants in the best place to allow for their height, width and growth patterns.  This keeps pruning to a minimum and assures that you will get the most enjoyment from your landscaping design.

Choosing a Service

When choosing a service, you want to be sure you will receive the best quality materials, workmanship and a personalized design at a competitive cost.  You need to make sure that:

bullet The quality of the materials used is the highest quality available.  We use the best materials in the industry which results in a batter finished product.
bullet Plant material is provided by well-established growers.  All of our plant material is handpicked and only from well-established growers.  This is a very rare bonus for our clients because there is so much to know about selecting healthy, well structured root and branch systems.  Healthy plants give longer term satisfaction.  Our plants are guaranteed for 1 year from installation date.


We offer personalized service, tailored to each client.  The company owner starts with a visit to the home or business to discuss your needs.  A custom plan is then developed taking into consideration light exposure, soil condition and any individual preferences.  The product is a design that enhances the property and fits your budget.  If requested, a computer photo image can be provided to give you an idea what the finished project will look like.

Just a few reasons why you’ll be pleased with our service:

bulletOur crew has 29 years of experience in all phases of landscaping and tree service
bulletYou will be treated in a courteous and professional manner
bulletYour project will be handled in a professional manner in which no short cuts will be taken
bulletYour property will be respected and left in a tidy condition
bulletWhen your project is completed, we will remain available for questions or concerns
bulletSafety is our rule – and we have never had a serious injury
bulletWe are licensed and insured


Renovation and Maintenance

Why renovate?

More and more, people are living in their homes for many years without doing any outside renovation.  Professionally installed landscaping not only enhances the overall appearance of a home, it increases the equity of a property.  Maintaining a landscape is often overlooked once the project is completed.  Yearly maintenance helps to keep your landscaping looking like new and helps retain the health of plants and trees.  We not only provide a yearly maintenance for new projects, we provide this service for existing landscapes i.e. weeding, trimming, mulching and grading.




Pavers are by far the most popular material used for walkways.  However, we can also install natural stone, bluestone slate, concrete and walkways.  Various patterns and designs (such as curves) can be installed to make the walk interesting and provide enhancement to the landscaping.


Walls can be built in many ways to solve problems and/or provide attractiveness



Patios are a favorite project and have limitless designs.  Patios can be construction with many different materials.  Pavers, for example, are very popular because color and design can be adapted to coordinate with the home and outdoor surroundings.





Inground Pools

If you are considering having a pool installed, call us first.  We have experience solving complex issues in the simplest of ways.  Decisions regarding the best placement of site of the pool as well as final grading issues are critical.  We can install waterfalls, coping, decking lighting and plants – all an important part of making your pool attractive and enjoyable.



Masonry Stone Work

Masonry stone work is the use of stone and mortar to bind the two together for a permanent bond.  For talented masons it takes time and patience to create a work of art.  Customers will enjoy and appreciate this investment.  Pool coping, waterfalls, garden walls, stone pillar, barbeques and fire pits are very popular.  The masonry work is usually a focal point of any landscape project.


Sodding any area is the smartest way to get an instant weed free thick and beautiful lawn.  Sod is also more cost effective than seed.  Seeding a lawn area can be done if a lot of time and patience can be afforded by the client.  Getting a beautiful seed lawn depends on many factors such as an appropriate watering schedule, weather, ground sloping, soil, weed exposure and germination.  Sod is instant gratification and well worth the cost.


Bedding is created to enhance the beauty of an area and provides easier drainage for shrubs, flowers and trees.  To properly create beds, the area is first dug out developing an interesting shape to accommodate plant material.  The area is then weeded and edged.  Landscape fabric can then be laid to help discourage weed growth.  Material such as mulch or stone is then laid on top as cover and finally add plants to complete the bed.





Hardscaping and Lighting

Hardscaping refers to the non-living items of the landscape and consists of wood, stone, block, brick and pavers which are used to create the project.  Hardscaping can resolve a problem as well as enhance a landscaping design.

Lighting is one of the best ways to create a landscape masterpiece.  We can provide soft, elegant lighting that is simple but attractive to the surrounding area – never over done.



Final soil grading is often done incorrectly.  Also grading changes can often occur over time due to earth settling.  Poor grading can create water problems to the home interior.  We have developed simple solutions to correct most of these problems without costing a fortune.


Full Tree Service

Full tree service is also our specialty.  We are able to handle any tree situation in a professional and safe manner.

We can install new trees or transplant trees having a root ball up to 54 inches in diameter

Trees of various varieties needed for screening, shade or ornamental purposes are readily available in our nursery.

In addition to tree and stump removal, we provide tree cabling, pruning and lighting protection services.  WE advocate appropriate and timely maintenance of trees to promote healthy growth and protection from wind and water damage.

About our Mulch

We produce our own organic mulch using a strict recycling process of disease free chips and bark.  It is then composted for over a year before it is ready for use.  We guarantee that, unlike other mulch producers, we do not let yard waste contaminate the chips and bark before putting it into the tub grinder. 

After the grinding process, the mulch is left in piles and periodically turned to allow oxygen to break it down.  If raw wood chips or improperly seasoned mulch is used in beds, nitrogen is pulled out of the soil resulting in detrimental effect to plant material.    We have added the recently popular black dyed mulch to our production process.  

Mulch should always be kept at a maximum depth of 3 ½ “- 4”   Decomposed mulch should be removed from beds before applying fresh mulch.  Mulching helps reduce weed growth and keeps underneath soil moist.  It is beneficial for healthy plant nutrition and affords a newt and attractive landscape appearance.


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